Monday, May 2, 2011

Frosty Mornings, But Sunny Days

I hope my apple trees manage to weather this chill. The crab apples are budded and ready to bloom, the weeping cherry is already blooming--but the apples haven't really shown their buds yet.

Although they are also young, so maybe the just won't bloom much this year anyway.

But, while frosty morning are a bit iffy for the delicate flowers of this cool spring, they're great for a big guy on a bike! There's another rainy stretch of weather ahead next week, so I've got to bike while I can.

And on these pleasant, fresh air frosty mornings, I sure can. Bell choir practice kept me on campus until almost 7:30 tonight, and it was just starting to get nippy as I rode home--again, from my point of view, a bit of cool is a good thing for me on a bike.

A hawk, for reasons unknown, flew at me and landed in a tree above my head. It was odd to be stared at by that substantial bird of prey, but he had been thinking of making more of a dive for me, he also obviously thought better of it and decided to remain in the upper branches of a tall tree.

It was cool, both in the symbolic and literal sense. A hawks is a welcome sight among many other on these beautiful spring rides!

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