Friday, May 27, 2011

The Bridge To the Great Beyond

I wrote about it on my other blog, and if you want a blog post that's a bit of a downer, it's available here.

But, I won't blog here about loss.

I rode twice to campus today, which makes it a 20-mile day. The second time, I left around 7 and met Audrey and the grandkids at Noelridge Park.

They had been there for some time, so it was only a few minutes before we all left--they in the van to pick up some quick pizza for supper, me on bike. I made it home first, by the way.

Snapped this photo of a pedestrian bridge at Noelridge for this blog, although I ended up using it as a sort of a sybmol of the bridge to the afterlife in my other blog.

The route from MMU to the park was a bit meandering, as I don't really know the way. From the park to home, I'm in more familiar territory, although two school parking lots I used to cut through were both shut off.

Oh well, made it safe and sound, and got this cool photo on the way, too.

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