Friday, May 20, 2011

Ring out them bells! 75 miles and counting!

Ride bike to work day turned wet today, but I had come home in the afternoon before the rain.

This was a 5er week for me--rode Blackie to work 5 times in 5 days (more if you count some round trips). And the week total is 75 miles, pretty good with 2 days left. I might have made the century mark, but sadly there is rain and graduation events and grading that probably will prevent that.

Still, a good biking week, and even if I'm not up to the RAGBRAI suggested training miles yet, I will get there and have added miles each week.

So ring them bells!

The bells are from just before graduate graduation today, May 20, in the Chapel of Mercy at Mount Mercy University. I play in the handbell choir, and ring a low A and G. I like how the light reflects off of them. Note in the closer photo, on the rim of the bell between the trumpet part and the handle, you can see my gloved hands holding my camera, too.

Graduation is underway, which means more biking it coming, too!

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