Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Bike Deficit: Miles to Make Up

The numbers:

What the RAGBAI site suggested I should have ridden the past 4 weeks:

60, 80, 90, 105 miles.

What my guestimate of actual miles biked the past 4 weeks is:

40, 40, 60, 55

Rain accounts for the 55, which would be more like 65 or 70. And the deficit doesn't depress me too much because I new I would be "short" until school ends.

But, I've got a lot of riding to catch up on. It's like grading. You get behind one week and next week students turn in a new bath of assignment and voila! The semester is almost over and you feel guilty about taking a 15-minute grade brake to write a quick, whiney training post.

Well. Back to grading.

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