Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bike To Work Wheely Good News!

Bike to Work Week--and the folks at my local bike shop get a "thumbs up."

As you know, blog fans, during a trail ride this weekend one of my spokes when "sproing." That's a fairly rare event, as biking mishaps go--it's much more common to break a chain, a de-railer, get a flat--but spokes are supposed to be strong.

Anyway, I took the bike in about 1/2 hour before Northtowne Cycling closed Monday evening. I was all set to have a little bit of "attitude," due to having a spoke broken for the second time in two months (in 40 years of biking, these represent the only spokes I've ever broken).

My 'tude was quickly deflated. Instead of a long wait--I thought the bike would be in the shop for a week--a bike mechanic quickly assessed it, proclaimed the need for a new wheel to fix the problem, and said it was covered by warranty.

Well, cool. And to top it all off, he got it fixed in about 15 minutes. Photo is my new back wheel this morning before the commute.

Blackie is back! Riding to work during riding to work week on my own bike again!

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