Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Dash from The Deuce

The weather patio was a nice place, a new garden-set for Channel 2 news.

Four students from Mount Mercy University and I enjoyed a tour of "the deuce" this morning. I was a few minutes late, because although Broadcast Park is only a stone's throw from my house, no easy bike route leads there. I ended up, briefly, on the jutted shoulder of Collins Road before crossing grass to make it to the parking lot.

The tour was fun. Thank you Aaron Shaffer, Kelly O'Connell and all of the other Channel 2 people who kindly spoke with my students. I think the tour was informative.

It also ran long. How do you tell Kelly to stop when she's talking? She talks so well that the answer, really, is you don't.

Instead, the usual 25 minute ride to campus became a 15-minute dash. Well, I did it. Both I and old blackie survived.

Shown is Shaffer and my students listening to O'Connell on the "weather patio" outside the Channel 2 studio.

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