Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sticky, Warm, Summer Ride


It is HOT today, for a big middle-aged biker.

I decided to devote more than an hour to biking on my way to work this morning--I was leaving home before 8 and figured I could afford to get in at 9. So I went to the Cedar Valley Nature Trail and headed north for 3 1/2 miles to where the pavement ends. Photo is idyllic country view at the turnaround point of my ride, looking west from the trail.

I got there in 15 minutes. I was biking about 15 mph. Folks, for me, that's lightning. I was feeling pretty smug.

Until I started biking back. Oh. That wind, that steady strong breeze that's attempting to move me to Waterloo, that moving air was what pushed me to the that speed, and I have to fight it all the way to MMU.

I arrived, somewhat after 9 a.m., and I calculate that with the ride to the trail, 7 miles headed north and back, that I can credit myself with 15 miles from just this morning's ride. That means, a minimum, this will be a 20-mile day, and if I bike a second time to campus later today (I plan to for bell practice), that means I'll put in 30 miles. I won't have time for many 30 mile days before graduation, but if I can squeeze in one a week, well, that's helpful!

And on this muggy, July-like day, doing half of those miles before 9:15 a.m. was a very good idea.

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