Sunday, May 29, 2011

10 miles puts me 40 over goal

First time I've exceeded the RAGBRAI training goal, and I did it by 40 miles this week.

According to the schedule, this should an an "off" week of 75 miles, but school gave me many previous off weeks, and a 10 mile ride today put me at 115 for the week.

The photo shows what the sky looked like on the way home. It was a bit sunny for a few minutes of the ride, but mostly cloudy and humid. We're in for summer heat for Memorial Day, and somehow the look of this sky is appropriate for that "remember" holiday.

Anyway, today I went south to Regis Middle School to catch the south end of the short CENMAR trail. Rode to the north end and then back home--about a 10-mile loop and a fairly easy ride, after yesterday's hilly marathon.

I feel I'm doing well, and so far (knock on wood) the new back wheel on my bike is holding up!

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