Friday, May 27, 2011

What Would Urban Trout Taste Like?

I got a good 15-mile RAGBRAI practice ride in today, courtesy of my sister Cate.

I was not sure I would get a practice ride in today, but the time opened up for one later this afternoon--so I called Cate, and she was available.

I rode over to her house via 73rd Street, and from Cate's we went to the Cedar Valley Trail in Hiawatha and followed it into the little lake by Quaker Oats in downtown Cedar Rapids.

Not that it's a totally original thought, but we were amused by the McLeod Run--Only Urban Trout Stream in Iowa signs. What kind of fish would an "Urban Trout" be? One with several extra hooks as well as tattoos? One you don't want to catch because it'll pull a switchblade on you? One that dresses all in black and rides a skateboard everywhere?

Cedar Rapids is barely home to anything urban, let alone sophisticated fish. One images there being more Urban Trout Seattle (or Boise, for that matter).

Well, the day was cool, we got sprinkled on a little, the geese greeted us with hisses as they tried to protect there goslings, and a teenage girl told me my bike was "hot."

Somehow, I don't think she was being sincere. Cate cajoled me--"what, you don't trust the sincerity of teenage girls?"

No, I do not. I'd rather trust an Urban Trout. Even one with fins so loose, they appear to drag on the floor. That's right. "Fins on the Ground."

Photo from Joseph Wu Origami, posted on Flickr--one look at urban fish.

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