Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cold Rides, Late Rides and One Glove Gone

Bike in driveway before cold, windy Monday morning ride.

Monday morning was a nasty, windy, snowy surprise—just not enough snow to stop a crazy biker. The ride home that night was especially chilly because I forgot my sweatshirt in the chapel.

Tuesday, the weather was colder, but better, since it warmed up more that day and the frigid morning air was still. I’ll take a 16 degree morning with calm winds over a 20 degree morning with 30 mph gusts any day.

I was invited to be part of KCRG’s caucus night coverage, and rode my bike downtown. I over-estimated the time it would take me and arrived early, so I circled the whole building. No bike rack.

So, I locked old blackie to a parking meter.

I was supposed be done before 10:30, but the caucus was a nail biter and I ended up on the air after 10:30. Did not leave downtown CR until after 11—and with only one glove, since somehow I lost one.

Oh well. It was a fun night. And the midnight temperature in Cedar Rapids was around 32—by far my warmest commute so far this week. It was a bit eerie passing through the shadier neighborhoods of the metro area at midnight, but I arrived safe and sound.

Now, I’m going to bed.


  1. Joe, you are my biking hero! I rode twice last week, both very warm days for this time of year. But the wind on Saturday made the whole enterprise so much harder. If temps get above 40 this week, I may get out there again. Doubtful you'll find me riding at 16 degrees!

  2. Long insulated underwear, two pairs of socks (one a warm fuzzy winter pair), a light coat that cuts the wind and several layers, including a warm sweatshirt underneath--and the real key being the hook of the jacket having the ability to fit between my head and helmet--that's what makes biking bearable in winter!