Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Spoke That Broke

Yikes. Old blackie has bad ankles, or something.

I am in my office, dealing with a backlog of grading, and on the way here took a detour on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail. And I was in Hiawatha, headed the way of MMU, when I heard a "pop."

Stopped to check. A spoke had broken. I was riding pretty fast and pumping hard, but really--I've never had a bike before break so many spokes so quickly--second time in a few months that the bike will be headed to the shop with the same problem.

A bit of a worry with RAGBRAI coming. I hope the bike shop has a not-expensive idea on how to solve this problem. At least I had done about 10 miles before it happened, and Ben's bike is home so I'll see if he'll let me borrow it again.

I was busted--Audrey thought I was in my office already. Well, I am now and better cut this short.

Should I carry spare spokes on RAGBRAI?

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