Wednesday, May 25, 2011

30 Miles in 3 Different Shifts

Sitting in my dining room, with a sweatshirt on, it's almost hard to recall how warm it was yesterday.

But it was sunshine and 80 yesterday, and I put the day to good use. When I got up, I decided to ride my bike to the gym. After my workout, I went to the Boyson Road trail in Marion and rode the length of it, before returning home (and riding to the top of Brentwood Hill).

Later in the morning, I went to MMU, via bicycle, and after a couple of hours of work, headed home. But, when I took J Avenue to the trail, I headed south, rather than north. Rode past the new federal courthouse, took a detour to reconnect with the trail, but ended up turning back just before crossing the Cedar River (the grandkids are staying overnight when their mother gives birth to another grand child, and I wanted to be home well before the little guests showed up).

All in all, I calculate my total mileage Tuesday at around 30. That's pretty good, except I didn't ride today. Still, I am up to 40 miles this week--and hope to break the century barrier. I'll aim for at least one 50 mile day soon, as long as the weather and my time allows. Finally getting some longer RAGBRAI training rides in!

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