Saturday, March 12, 2011

Traffic on a Terrific Ride Home

Well, my bike log this week was a bit of a lie.

I biked a bit more than I reported, because I left slightly earlier than usual Friday and biked home on the Cedar Valley Trail. Add 2 miles, at least, to my score.

It was a terrific day. I had received a bit of good news that is too personal for me to share on a blog, but it was very nice. The day was mild, the sun was shinning and there was a fair number of people out enjoying the trail.

Saw an MMU student on a run--don't often see MMU students on the trail, and it's pretty handy to campus.

Anyway, I was stopped at 42nd Street when the honk of a horn make me jump. Turned around, and there was my sister Cate, stopped at the corner behind me, driving home.

It was the first of two "startles" on the way home. I took this photo at the corner of the trail, which runs up Center Point Road, and Blair's Ferry. Note that I, or at least my shadow, is also featured. There is lots of traffic at this corner, but nice walk lights, so it's not too hairy an intersection to cross--except a slightly odd guy on a bike behind me shouted "you better run" when the walk light came on.

Well. I was a lot bigger than he, so I shouldn't have been spooked, but I was, a little. He gave off that sort of hard to define "I'm weird" vibe. As it turned out, although he was smaller and thinner than me (thus being in the vast majority of humanity now that I'm into my second half and, as I told my youngest son today, twice the man he is--literally), my regular biking speed was either faster than his, or he sensed I was slightly weirded out and hung back.

Whatever. I prefer to think that I was a gazelle, despite the fact that middle-aged ladies often pass me on the trail. A very large gazelle, I'll grant you, but still.

Anyway, even with two "startles" it was a very pleasant ride home. My mood improved even more when I got there, as the grandkids were over, always a pleasant surprise.

And I'm sure the ride and the shocks to my system were all good cardiac workouts.

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