Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Is Officially Here

I saw them this morning--was too rushed to grab my camera, so you'll just have to take my word for it--but some purple crocus will bloom today in my back garden.

I've noticed this past year that the changes in seasons in Iowa have tended to be sudden and dramatic. It seemed last year that the shift from winter to spring and then from summer to fall and fall to winter were all one-day events. This week saw a frosty start, and now flowers are blooming.

Well, that's Iowa. In a month, it will be easy to forget there ever was a snow pack, even if the risk of a parting winter shot isn't that remote.

Sadly, I had to drive yesterday and today, so I only biked twice this beautiful week (I'm only counting my workweek commute--yes, I know, 3 days are recorded in my log). I was even hoping to ride in the St. Pat's parade, but have other commitments (which explains the ride, too).

Given my plans over the next week and the MMU spring break, this blog will be on brief hiatus as CR Biker isn't biking in CR for a bit. Catch you all on the flip side when break ends and the rhythm of my commuting gets into gear!

Early bike log:

Sunday, 10 miles.
Monday, 10 miles.
Tuesday, 10 miles.
Unrecorded last week (trail route home on Friday, 2) miles.
That's 32 miles this week, a mark I hope to start beating routinely after spring break.
Year so far: 198. So close to 200!

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