Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Camera Store Ride

Can't post a link to it--the newspaper site was not updated this week--but here is a picture of a story that the Mount Mercy Times at MMU ran this week about bike trails in Cedar Rapids.

The story focused on trails used by students and how to visit them from campus. I was a "hidden" source for the story, in that I suggested a map and helped the design editor plan routes for that map.

She didn't actually use my routes verbatim, however. For instance, the paper suggests riding north on C Avenue to get to the Boyson Trail in Marion.

Naw. When I head north from MMU, I spend over half my time on E Avenue. Despite the fact that Kenwood School is there, it's much better for biking than the busier C Avenue.

Anyway, I had to take a newspaper camera into the shop today, which meant taking 43rd Street to C and riding just one harrowing block on that avenue before a right turn into a quiet alley leading to a back parking lot of a business complex. There is a fence between that complex and the mall area where Kohls and Barnes and Noble are located, but also a deliberate hole in that fence, for access to the mall area. Rode slowly through this (mushy ground) then east through Mall parking lot, a 4-way stop and by HyVee and Lindale Mall to PhotoPro.

The route home from the photo shop involved the access road that goes by KMart, a jaunt through a steakhouse parking lot and then north on Northland to Blair's Ferry, where I ride on the sidewalk.

All in all, a cool ride, but still. a ride. Glad to be back on the bike again!

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