Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Cool Return To Spring-Starved Iowa

The photo is crocuses in bloom in Seattle earlier this week, but I was pleased to see that it wasn't so far from reality in Iowa where a few art blooming in my garden.

My sister noted on Facebook that her crocuses in her yard are abloom. I rode my bike to MMU this afternoon for a couple of hours of work (paying for my Seattle trip now!), and I noted some getting ready to bloom in at least one garden along the way.

It was a cool re-entry today into the world of bike commuting, but it could be worse. We flew back from Seattle to Minneapolis Thursday, and Minnesota is blanketed in snow. Then, we connected with a flight to Omaha. The ground was bare when we landed, but Thursday night, you guessed it, it snowed--about 3 inches. The next day, we drove across Iowa, and the snow was pretty much gone by the time we got to Des Moines.

So the pavement in Cedar Rapids was nice and bare on this chilly, early spring day. It will freeze pretty hard tonight, and I just hope it doesn't nip all the tulips and hyacinths already poking out of the garden through last fall's leaves.

Looks like I'll be biking to campus tomorrow (more makeup work) and Monday. Tuesday's weather forecast is a bit dicey now, but we'll see.

At least I'm home. I loved visiting Seattle, but it's great to be back home and back on my bike.

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