Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Short Week for Riding

Between cold, rain and snow, this is almost a "lost week." I rode my bike Sunday, but have been driving the Beetle ever since.

Well, at least things are looking better for at least tomorrow. As gas prices rise, it will feel even better to by on my bike.

Today, Ash Wednesday, it's the start of Lent. Audrey and I talked last night about what we would do, and mostly it was working on eating habits. Today, Fr. Vu talked about additional ways to give alms or fast that aren't traditional--such as fasting from Facebook.

I'm not going to give up my blogs completely for Lent, but I think he has a point. As far as biking is concerned, Lent is a time not just to give up things, but to go to the desert by doing more.

I'm hoping my Lent includes more biking. May the weather cooperate!

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