Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunshine Sunday, Followed By Cloudy Days

Snow, snow, snow, show!

It won't be long before we're done with snow!

Snow--I long to see the melting of the snow.

OK--that was 3 re-written lines from a song from "White Christmas." In that movie, Bing and Danny wanted snow so that they could help the hero General and bed the ladies. Worthy goals.

Me, I'm very ready to be over snow, but I know, being an Iowan, that it's only March, and the northern hemisphere won't swing to old Sol any faster, no matter what my impatience. So, we'll just wait it out, flowers are starting to come up in the MMU Grotto and snow will soon be first a memory and then a magical phenom to be awaited as a sign of approaching Christmas.

The rain and snow has kept me off the bike and in the Beetle for two days. A better man than I might have ridden yesterday, but it did snow and get a bit wet, and I drove. Today, it was dry and tempting in the morning, but rain is expected this afternoon.

Well, at least Sunday, while a little cool, was still nice. Sunday was a pretty heavy work day for me, as the semester approaches its first mid-term mini climax--it's amazing how many assignments just a few students in two classes can generate. Then again, I have a group of 4 students doing an editing course as a "directed study," which makes as much work as a "regular" class.

On Sunday, when I got ready to head down to campus, I said "what the heck" and took the Cedar River Trail. Getting there takes a 20-minute detour west through Hiawatha, including a ride under Collins Road on a golf course underpass. Once there, it was a pleasant ride to Mount Mercy.

Sadly, my commute crosses the least interesting parts of the trail--the Hiawatha suburban branch, with a few snatches of nature tossed in along with an Interstate in Cedar Rapids. Going either farther north or south, the trail gets better. Still, I like even this jaunt of the trail.

Rode home on my "regular" direct route, which takes roughly half the time.

It was nice to have a Sunday ride to make up for no ride on Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday looks a bit iffy this week, so it'll be late week by the time I'm riding again.

Impatience. Can I give it up for Lent?

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