Monday, March 21, 2011

Bikeless in Seattle

Not biking this week--I'm visiting my son in Seattle. I've seen a fair amount of the fair city on the Puget Sound, however.

Many of it's streets are marked with "share-ows," marks that indicate to cars that bikes may use that street. It's an OK idea, as long as enough streets are available for bikers to get around.

Photo is taken by me while I was walking on a street-pedestrian bridge over I-5, marked for bikers too.

I suspect that enough streets are marked in Seattle. It seems like a biking kind of place. My son commutes 16 miles to Microsoft from the Capitol Hill neighborhood, and, while he doesn't bike daily, does it often.

He's thinking of doing RAGBRAI this year . CR Biker hasn't been tempted to do that before, but is interested this year.

Any bikers out there in blogsphere, what do you think? Should an old, bum-kneed biker try to tag along with his young son on RAGBRAI 2011?

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