Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Three Bike Encounters in Seattle

CR Biker took in a plane museum today and enjoyed it very much, including the reproduction model of a plane used by the bike mechanic who first flew a powered vehicle.

Anyway, I noticed, at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, one bicycle that was part of an exhibit-a late 1930s era bike casually posed with a Flying Tiger plane.

The Flying Tigers, if you recall, were volunteer American airmen who helped China against Japan.

That was one of three very minor bike encounters March 23 in Seattle. The second took place when I was walking with Jon and Audrey to get ice cream after our day at the museum. You see lots of bikers in Seattle, but one almost got me as I crossed a street. She stopped in the ta-da, knick of time--which was probably luckier for her than me. Physics favors large bodies in collision situations, and I was definitely the large body.

The oddest and most intersting bike sighting was in a park near the ice cream shop we walked to. Inside a fenced tennis court with net removed, two teams were playing bike polo with mallets and a little orange ball.

It looked like a team of three women versus a mixed male/female team, but neither scored while we ate our ice cream and watched. I didn't try to photograph the game, the image in this blog post is Jon and Audrey walking home after the ice cream break.

RAGBRAI with my son in 2011? Sounds like a possibility for CR Biker. Bike Polo?

Heck no.

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