Monday, March 14, 2011

A Frosty Spring Morning

I think since it requires a certain humidity as well as related temperatures that are low, but not too log, a spring hoarfrost is different from the fall frosts.

The fall frosts are the end of it all, a sign you don't have to give the dog heartworm medicine because the mosquitos, tomatoes, annual flowers and all other non-Asian beetle or box elder bug creeply crawlies have either died or gone to sleep.

A spring hoarfrost seems more like an opening chapter. It's way too cold for mosquitoes (and frankly, who misses them?) but box elders are starting to stir.

The ride in this morning was frosty, temperature in the 20s, but it felt good, and this afternoon is sunny and springy. I've seen green things sprouting in my backyard gardens and on the campus of Mount Mercy University, but no sighting of that first blooming snowdrop or crocus yet.

Still, despite being a brown ride, it feels, after this daylight savings time change, like a spring ride. It's a good season to be a two-wheeled commuter!

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