Sunday, June 5, 2011

Windy Ride to Noelridge Park

CR wants to be a biker friendly town, and I want it to be, too. Here's a minor problem to work on--why are some CR parks so isolated form a biking point of view?

Met my grandkids Friday for a fun dip at Noelridge Park Pool, but getting there was a minor pain. Once I cross Collins at F, there is no route to the park without going on some busy CR street--Old Marion Road is not my ideal riding place.

I used to cheat by cutting through a parking lot at Summit School, but there's a nearby CR middle school and Summit got wise to that shortcut and cut it off with a fence--I assume they were more concerned with middle school traffic than an occasional old biker, but who knows?

Anyway, CR--think about creating a crossing light east of Noelridge (and across Center Point Road) to lead from the Cedar River trail to the park. The park is in a concrete island, hard to access by bike, and it's a nice place that should be bike friendly.

Despite the relative isolation of the park, there are lots of kids' bikes at the pool--which is a bit worrisome. How are they getting there? And how safe it that?

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