Wednesday, June 1, 2011

RAGBRAI Simulation—Hoover Hits My Butt

I did it!

One of my goals was to start catching up on “lost” miles by riding more once summer was here—and another was to, early in June, do what I think of as a “long” ride, a ride of something like RAGBRAI distance.

Well, I think I did it. I rode about 5 miles this morning (up the Bowman Woods hill twice), and then, starting in mid-morning, too, the Cedar River trail south to the Hoover trail until it petered out in Ely. That’s around 50 miles—shorter than any one day on RAGBRAI, but closer to RAGBRAI length then my usual short rides.

55 in one day! And I found the Hoover trail, too, which I’ve never been on before.

I’ll post some photos—showing the lions on the bridge where the Cedar River Trail crosses the Cedar River, the “real” angry birds—geese near Cedar Lake who yell at passing bikers—and some shots of what the Hoover Trail looks like.

It was very warm, in the upper 80s, but not too hot. In fact, it was the kind of gorgeous Iowa early summer day that makes you forget what August will be like or what January is like, for that matter. A bit buggy out there, but a great day to tackle a new trail and take on a new distance.

My butt feels a bit sore, but my legs took it well. I was a little worried about this ride because my knee was bothering me yesterday after 30 miles. However, when my morning workout went well (did weights, including leg weights, and the knee was being calm), I decided, meh, all my life I’ve been good but now, I figure what the hell. Naa na nananana—and you’re welcome for the ear worm.

Must be a bit giddy. Must have been the heat. Very glad I took water and a snack.

All in all, the first RAGBRAI simulation was a smashing success.


  1. I'm camped out at Mercy for another day, but hope to get back on the bike next week. Is Hoover just the extension beyond the turnoff where I usually go to Kirkwood?

  2. Extension leads to Hoover, with goes another 7 miles to Ely.