Friday, June 3, 2011

Hot Time on the Old Trail Today!

I made a little headway today on my "deficit." After the 55 mile ride Wednesday, it rained Thursday and I didn't bike. Today is very hot and humid, but I did two short rides--once to the gym in the morning, the second time to get a haircut and then up and down the Boyson Road trail.

That gave me about 10 miles today, for 115 this week--5 miles over the official RAGBRAI goal. I am still in the hole, but only by 93 miles, and may be caught up by the end of next week if I keep on pace. May not ride tomorrow due to family plans, but will probably ride Sunday, further adding to this week's extra miles.

MMU plans to have a group ride one day of RAGBRAI. I hope to see them, but am not sure if I will be "in the pack." For one thing, I didn't buy the team jersey (it cost $40 and I don't care for biking jersey's anyway), for another, they plan to start the ride at 8 a.m. I'm usually an early riser anyway, and my strategy for RAGBRAI is to get an early start, so I'm always done by the hot part of the day--my starting time on the 75-mile day may be closer to 6 a.m., or so I hope.

Anyway, my MMU colleague Jenifer describes her training experience. Like me, she rode the Hoover trail, but apparently suffered a little more. Well, hope she keeps at it and I hope to see her July 29!

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