Sunday, June 12, 2011

On the Trail With New Gloves

Did a plant swap with my sister Cate Saturday—she and Paulette had some Irises that apparently were sad in a shady spot, so I took over two ferns.

But, before I dug up the Irises, Cate and I went on a bike ride with Cate to Ely via the Hoover Trail. I think I over-estimated the length of the trip last time—Cate had a trail map, and we figured she could claim 35 miles and I could claim 40 (due to the ride to and from her house) for the day.

Well, 40 is 40 and I’m over goal this week, and there’s a good chance I get at least some riding in today.

Saturday‘s ride proved the value of gloves, which Audrey kindly picked up for me. It’s easier on the hands to go over 40 miles with some palm padding (plus, the RAGBRAI site points out, they are handy to protect your hands in a fall).

Today also proved the wisdom of remembering your water bottle, as a some CR park drinking fountains, as well as an energy bar Cate gave me, helped me get through the ride.

Well, it was a good day for a ride, and it’s good to have gloves.

Somehow, RAGBRAI feels very close.

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