Friday, June 10, 2011

Only 16 Miles--But I Did the Hill Twice

I had a meeting with a student at a local coffee shop--she's doing a promotional video as a class project and it was a meet and greet with the subjects.

We had a bit of a brief break mid-day from the monsoons, so I rode to campus, rode to the meeting and then intended to go on a 20-mile ride.

Plans changed. As you can see, early into the ride on the Boyson Road trail in Marion, I encountered a closure due to high water. While teen boys are willing to wet their sneakers and bikes walking across, I was not.

Which, I suppose, is for the best. It was an odd ride for two reasons. For one thing, I wasn't sure where I was going to go to get the miles in, because this is a fairly short trail. For another, for some odd reason, I had forgotten my helmet after stopping at home for lunch, and I interpreted this as the universe telling me to get home and get my headgear before riding any more.

To be clear, most of my miles today were with helmet--it was only the final few miles on the closed trail (I stopped for lunch after my meeting) that was without helmet.

Yes, blog readers, I know. Bad idea. I would never drive without a seat belt and I ought not ride sans helmet.

Well, bike and headwear have been reunited, so I'm good to go next time. And despite the shorter ride, I did do the Brentwood Drive hill twice today, and that's something.

The helmet is normally in my bike basket. I forget it because I locked my bike out front and brought the helmet into the house with me during my lunch break, and simply forgot to grab it before leaving again. The real question is how did I get 1/2 mile down the road before I realized I was not wearing it?

Well, how does a middle-aged person wander the house searching for glasses before he realizes he's wearing them? Never happens to me.

And it's raining. Again. Well, more miles tomorrow!

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