Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sac and Fox Trail Fun on 40-mile Day

I don’t have a computer on my bike, so I don’t know for sure if it was a 40-mile day, but I did a substantial amount of riding nonetheless.

Today, after a stormy night was followed by a bright sunny day, I decided to go for a ride and test out the backpack water supply Katy gave me for Father’s Day.

The water thingie worked great.

I didn’t really know where I would go, but headed south on the Cedar River Trail, figuring that the unpaved parts of the Cedar Valley Nature Trail would be too muddy to ride.

But, as I enjoyed the day, I kept thinking how I had missed the south end of the Sac and Fox trail once before, and this was a nice day ….

Totally inconsistent thinking on my part. After all, the Sac and Fox is 99 percent not paved, prone to soft areas in dry weather, and often flooded. So, of course, I went there anyway.

Stopped at Prairie Park Fishery and noted the cones that I thought closed the trail were still in place—but I rode around them and discovered, I think, that the cones are just another warning not to drive a car on the trail—the trail was open and fine. Only 1.8 miles, but still, a nice little side diversion today.

Then, it was east to find the elusive Cole Street. Well, I got lost again for a short time, but did end up finding it—and a short distance along Cole Street, voila, there is was, the Sac and Fox.

It was indeed muddy and the 7.5 mile ride along it took some time. I added to the time by shooting a few photos, and, because I was so excited I had found it, shooting video. The sound quality is terrible, I’m riding while shooting so camera shake is also awful, but here is a link to my movie, if you want to see it.

All in all, a very good riding day. I went up Bowman Woods hill twice this morning going to and from the gym, and survived Cottage Grove hill on the way home from the trail. All in all, a good day’s ride and good RAGBRAI training. Even saw a co-worker from MMU on the trail, maybe getting ready for the college day RAGBRAI ride.

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