Friday, June 10, 2011

Rain Delay on Training Thursday

I suppose on RAGBRAI I'll have no choice but to bike when it rains.

Memo to self: Take chain lube.

But there was no biking Thursday, partly due to rain, partly due to a downed Mulberry tree.

We had a big storm rumble through Wednesday evening, and sticks are all over the place--including a big old Mulberry tree that fell into my yard.

I got out the electric chain saw and started working on it, but the saw got off track. I was trying to fix it when it started to sprinkle, so I put it away and got out my limb saw.

Well, it was time-consuming, hard work by hand, but I go the tree all carved up, and I also got thoroughly wet in the rain.

No biking. It rained again overnight and this morning, but the radar looks better, so there will be some miles today.

Shown is puddle on my driveway Thursday, with sticks--see my other blog for more storm photos. This, by the way, is the second photo on this blog from my new Nikon, but most future photos will be from the Kodak since I don't take the Nikon biking with me. The first Nikon photo was the table-shot of the RAGBRAI packet.

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