Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rainbows and a Rescue by Dr. Neil

The morning rainbow over Blairs Ferry.

The weather certainly turned interesting this week.

I rode my bike on Monday, because it was not raining when I left home. Halfway to campus, however, there was a freakishly bright flash way too close for comfort, a rumble of thunder and then the rain hit.

Fortunately, not a downpour, but definitely raining. I decided my strategy would be to stop at the nearest park and stay under a picnic shelter until the storm passed—hoping my chances of being electrocuted by lightening were lower if I were under a roof.

As it happens, it turns out that the little park by Zach Johnson Drive has no picnic shelter. I was debating about throwing myself on the mercy of any person who would let me shelter in their garage (and my chances of finding anybody home) when an SUV pulled up beside me, and Dr. Neil Bernstein’s voice said, “do you want a ride, Joe?”

Well, heavens, yes I did. Thank you Neil. The irony is that by the time I finished wrestling with my front brake to remove the wheel, the rain was slacking off. Neil didn’t have to use his windshield wipers much at all while he drove to Mount Mercy University.

That night, I had bell practice. Thunderstorms were threatening again, and I asked Carolyn, our bell choir director, if we could have a shorter practice. She let me go at 6:45—about 15 minutes early. By 7:30, it was raining cats and dogs, but I was watching the rain out of my living room window. Thanks, Carolyn, and in case you wondered, yes, I made it home well before the storm.

Tuesday, for various reasons, including an evening program and morning damp, I did not ride.

Today, it was sprinkling in the morning, but there was little wind and no lightning, so I decided I must have installed fenders for a reason, and I rode. When I got to the corner of C Avenue and Blairs Ferry Road, the low angle of the rising sun was shining through the raindrops at that magical angle that refracts light into its spectrum.

A rainbow. Not one of those bright, complete, perfect summer rainbows—nor one of those times when the angle is just so and you get a double bow—but a rainbow. Somehow, I took it as a good omen, and despite some dark gray skies, the ride in wasn’t really all that wet—it was a pleasant spring morning.

I didn’t need a rescue from Dr. Neil today. It remains to be seen what the ride home tonight will bring. After that, CR biker is storing his peddles for a while due to an overseas trip, so it may be some time before you read his further adventures.

In the meantime, thank you Neil, and thank you Carolyn. May the wind be ever at your back, may your chain be always well lubed, may your butt be comfortable, your tires fully inflated and the road be free of sand and angry pickup truck drivers. At least that’s the best Irish-style wishes this biker than think of right now.

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  1. I saw that rainbow this morning. It was a complete one, but it was really faint at its apex. Both legs were visible though.