Tuesday, March 27, 2012

British Bikes As Art Ojbects

Two views of bikes at Norwich Library.

OK, so maybe I'm reaching a little, since I did not bike today. We played tourist in Norwich today and were out walking from castle to cathedral to river all day long.

I would have to say that, although I got zero miles biking, it was probably good RAGBRAI training. There was enough walking today to exhaust every member of our party.

Here are two images of bikes parked at the central library in Norwich. Several things to note. British bikes are serious transportation, not just fun, so most have fenders to fend off the damp. Not that they needed them today. And the bike rack was chockablock full. On a random Tuesday, bikers filled their space at the Norwich library.

Meanwhile, I've never had to contend with a non-RAGBRAI full bike rack in the States. Come on Americans! Climb off the couch, get out of your Suburbans and mount your self-powered two wheels! It's embarrassing that a tiny island country with national health insurance can improve its national well being through biking, while we, with poor employer-based insurance waste our time away as our waists expand. Waist not! Bike more! Make some more American bike art like these British scenes. We have nothing to lose but a few extra pounds, and not Pound Sterling.

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