Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Quick Ride With Mr. T

Tristan, walking home with me. Note his "I voted" sticker.

Spring suddenly arrived in Iowa today. I don’t know if it’s here to stay or just in town briefly to check on apartments before making the permanent move later, but we enjoyed the visit.

I left campus as soon as I could and took the trail home. As you can imagine, I saw far more people on the trail than I have in other recent trips. The temperature was in the 60s, and I didn’t wear a coat or even a sweater over my short-sleeved shirt.

I didn’t actually see many other bikers, but there were lots of walkers and joggers on the trail, including what seemed to be a large group of runners from some junior high team—all shirtless boys, looking far leaner that I ever have.

The ground still seemed very brown. Spring hasn’t settled in enough to wake up the grass or other plants, although I did see a few crocuses poking up in my front lawn.

When I got home, around 4:30, Tristan was there, along with his sister Amelia, and his young cousin and Aunt Theresa.

Mr. T, of course, immediately wanted a bike ride. I installed his seat and away we went, headed up the Brentwood Hill. About halfway up, I learn a loud crunching thud, and immediately suspected I had blown a spoke. We went for a fairly short ride, just around the neighborhood, so I could get home and check.

Yup. Broken spoke.

Fortunately, Mr. T was not upset at having a short ride. And he readily agreed to a walk, so I took him with me as I strolled to Peace Church to cast my ballot. The poll worker let Tristan have the “I voted” sticker, and he had to tell me all the way home that “Tristen get sticker.” I think the sticky was pretty much worn out of it by the time we got home.

Never mind. It was a good biking day, and if I had to break a spoke, glad it was during the short ride at the end and not the long commute.

NOTE: Earlier version of post said something about "canceling Audrey's vote." Not true, she voted for the tax extension, too.

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