Friday, March 2, 2012

A Mushy March Snow Day Ride

Snow at midday, and what bike rack looked like (I parked inside). C Avenue sidewalk this afternoon.

Well, the morning commute wasn’t much of an event. We were about to head out the door — Audrey was going to give me a ride — when she casually said, “Well, you know, it’s not raining or snowing yet, you could ride your bike.”

Yes I could, and I did.

Then, in the middle of the day, it snowed. When it snows a lot, does it snow cats and dogs the way it rains? Or is it faeries and pixies, since snow dances down?

It didn’t dance much today—it was heavy, wet spring snow, driven by a wind. It snowed anvils.

But, by Club Friday, at 3 p.m., it seemed to not be doing much. Audrey texted and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the “Artist” tonight, since it’s playing at the local “cheap” theater. I replied I did, and she texted back that perhaps I also wanted to bike home since the snow had stopped?

Well, hmm. Not as sure on that one. But she was right, it was not snowing. It looked a bit wet out, but what the heck. Why not try?

So I did. I left work at 4. And it was very splashy. I will wash my coat and vest tonight.

The streets were very damp, the sidewalks slushy, but it was too warm for there to be any ice, which was good. I actually made it home in pretty much the regular time, with only the sidewalk on C Avenue being really bad—and even it was slushy bad, not slippery bad. I had to change almost every stitch of clothing I had on—only my socks were dry—but after a quick change I was ready and we headed off to enjoy “the Artist” which I think is worth seeing in a theater.

There you have it. I expected to bike only 2 or 3 days this week, and ended up doing 4. Next week seems like it will start with a couple of nice warm days.

After today, I’ll have to do a good job of cleaning and lubing my chain. But am I ready for spring biking season to be underway?

Heck yes. And it was off to a cool, slushy start today.

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