Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Bugs of Busse Are Back, Baby!

A fly on ledge of the glass entryway cover by my bike at MMU library this afternoon.

I parked my bike across campus from my office this morning, because I have two classes starting at 8. I had to go to my office first to pick up stuff and print stories, and barely had time to get across campus, so I used the bike, the fastest way to transit the MMU Hill.

I’m pleased to say no freshmen were crushed in the making of this blog post.

Anyway, it was a pleasant day to ride, albeit a bit windy and cool. But it only felt cool because Tuesday was so freakishly warm. Today wasn’t bad.

And in the cool, sunny afternoon, it was, in a few places, warm enough for bugs to boogie. Caught the fly on the inside of the atrium of the library building—an area covered in glass and protected from wind, so it was a bit warmer than the rest of the world.

Bugs are coming back. That’s not good news in itself, but it’s a sign of warmer times on the way. I broke a spoke Tuesday, but Northtowne Bike Shop quickly fixed it and replaced my worn chain and badly deteriorated brake shoes.

Took the trail home again today. It’s getting nice. I know for sure I’ll do a couple of RAGBRAI days, and I’m going to inquire to see if anybody I know might want to do more.

Bike season is underway—the only reason I can say hooray for bugs!

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