Friday, June 17, 2016

In Which We Fry and Travel 24 Miles

My wife's shadow on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail between Lafayette and Hiawatha.

I had a fun interlude this afternoon. One of my daughters invited my wife and me to go to the Marion Pool and play with four grandchildren.

A pleasant time was had, although I think in the 90 minutes of pool sunshine, I got rather fried, despite sunscreen.

And then we thought about what to do with the rest of our busy Friday. The morning had been spent on one of the most dreaded and difficult rituals of summer—cleaning the garage, a process that sadly must continue Saturday.

So the afternoon break was very welcome. And then I suggested we could ride our bikes to a restaurant for supper.

And a quick trip out for a meal, for no other reason than it was a nice afternoon and we were in the mood, turned into a ride out to Lafayette.

Twenty miles after leaving home, we were at Culvers in Hiawatha for supper, and then we rode another 4 miles home.

I’ll still somewhat fried—I’ll need to use some lotion before going to sleep tonight—but I do have to say that, between swimming and riding my bicycle, the afternoon sure beat the morning!

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