Monday, June 6, 2016

In Which. Luckily, Not Quite A Year Has Passed

Quick stop at Cedar Lake--enjoying the fact that the back tyre is no longer flat, and I have two new tyres on the bike.

I didn’t recall the exact date, but apparently it was 363 days ago that Audrey got me one of the coolest Father’s Day-birthday-Christmas presents—my road bike, Argent.

If you read this blog, you know what happened Sunday. I rode Argent north and ended the ride with a flat in Urbana.

Well, today I took the bike into Northtowne. I planned to buy a tyre and tube, and maybe a second tyre because the front one looked a bit worn, to me.

I showed the front tyre to a sales person, and he suggested having a bike mechanic give his opinion. The mechanic said the front tyre was still usable, but did look worn and cracked. He thought maybe the wear was a bit too much for a year.

So they looked it up. And Argent is two days from having its warranty expire. So instead of having to buy two tyres and a tube and spend an unpleasant hour replacing them myself, I was able to leave the bike, go home, mow the lawn, eat supper and then return to the bike shop, where the bike mechanic had put on the new tyres.

Because it was shy of a year, I only had to pay for the tube. That was a pretty good deal.

It was around 7, but my wife had suggested I could ride the bike after I picked it up. So I went for a quick spin, down to Cedar Lake on the Cedar River Trail. It’s not much, and I didn’t do the hill climb today, but I did ride about 14 miles. I’m hoping for more tomorrow, and it is very nice that the bike was fixed so quickly.

Cedar Lake again. Shortly after snapping this image, I paused to turn on lights.

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