Saturday, June 25, 2016

In Which 10 Hills are Climbed

Quick ride to Schultz Road Thursday afternoon. Milkweed north of Lafayette (above) and some Black-Eye Susan (below).

I didn’t get a huge number of miles Friday or Saturday—not enough time and too much else to do.

So I tried to make the miles count for RAGBRAI practice by emphasizing hills. After a quick ride Thursday to Lafayette, on Friday I went to campus to do some work (not enough, much more to do), and I climbed the MMU hill 5 times, including twice doing the Villa route to the library with is the steepest, most intense hill climb.

That ride came after I had already climbed the Brentwood Hill three times. I added two more climbs this morning—so in about 30 miles, I climbed 10 hills.

We’ll see if I fit in another ride this afternoon.

Two views of balloon and moon from top of Bowman Woods Hill on Friday morning.

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