Tuesday, June 21, 2016

In Which 60 Miles Features Milkweed

Lindale Trail, morning ride. Milkweed in flower.

I haven’t seen many Monarch Butterflies this year. Not none, mind you, but not many.

Still, Milkweed is in bloom. It’s a fairly pretty flower, and when I was photographing some along the Lindale Trail during my morning ride, a butterfly showed up.

Not a Monarch, but still, pretty, and attracted by the Milkweed flowers.

Butterfly on Milkweed, Lindale Trail. Drinking, above, and flying off, below.

I rode 15.55 miles this morning. The immediately post breakfast trip included a loop out to the Lowe Park trail, and a bit of the Boyson Trail, at least to the Lindale Trail. That, and two hill climbs, got me the miles.

Two Lowe Park Trail images--bunny, above, and flowers in prairie planting near art building at east end of park.

In the middle of the day, we went to pick up grandchildren at swimming lessons, fed them lunch, and after they went home, took naps.

I woke up and posted some images, and then decided to take a bicycle ride. It was about 4 p.m. when I left home.

I knew time was limited, so I was deliberately going for speed. I went 11 miles, to Sokol Park, by 5 p.m. Then, since I was there anyway, I had the bright idea to call my wife with a suggestion. Our daughter was arguing a case in court today (she has a summer internship with the Johnson County Attorney’s office), and I thought it might be nice to treat her to supper out.

And Sokol Park is darn close to New Bo …

My wife liked the idea, but I knew my daughter would not get home until close to 6…so I continued south to Ely.

By the time I got there, I had ridden about 20 miles in the afternoon—so I had 35 for the day, and was close to 20 miles from home.

That’s when I started to think that today might be my second 60-mile day.

We met at Parlor City for a nice supper, and they drove home while I hit the trail again.

My supper, a nice break during a long bike ride. A Ruben at Parlor City in New Bo--about the best Ruben I've had in CR. And yes, that is a beer, too. Parlor City has quite a selection. Below--wife, daughter and grandson in post-dinner ussie before they head home. I  headed home, too, but by bicycle.

I took some images of Cedar Lake as the light faded, including Milkweed in the setting sun. No Monarchs or Monarch caterpillars to report today, but I’ll keep watching.

After that, to gain a few miles, I went north to Boyson Road before turning south again and heading home. I also took the longer “northern” route north of 74th Street.

Along the way, I had brief, pleasant chat with my sister-in-law Paulette. She is married to my sister, and my sister is a member of Team Joe for RAGBRAI.

Anyway, I got a little lost headed home along the northern route, as light faded. I’m not that familiar with the streets in that suburban part of Cedar Rapids.

But getting lost was OK. It was dark enough to run with lights, but not too dark, and I needed the miles.

By the time I got home, the bike computer said 44.68 miles for the afternoon ride. Add the 15.55 from the morning, and I rode 60.23 miles today.

And I lived to tell the story.

Cheating, a bit, with this one. It's from Monday--Mr. Nut Cheeks was watching me as I prepared to bike home from campus of Mount Mercy University.

Bike, second from left, parked in New Bo with others. Nice planter, too. Wife and daughter drove to meet me, these are stranger's bikes besides mine.

Around 7:30 p.m. or so, Bridge of Lions shines in late afternoon light.

Cedar Lake as sun dips. Several views. I circled the lake to ensure I would reach 60 miles.

Milkweed on the shore of Cedar Lake.

I've left the lake, but not by much. Paused when I hit the 50-mile mark for the day for a  "this is what I look like at 50 miles" selfie.

Sunset along Cedar River Trail. Bridge where trail crosses itself.

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