Wednesday, June 15, 2016

In Which Rain Finds CR Biker

Boyson Trail Tuesday morning. I like paved trails on my road bike, but have to admit I throw caution to the wind and ride this trail.

I rode my bike Tuesday in the morning, rather than going to the gym, and enjoyed the ride. Later, my wife and I picked up some swing set anchors she had ordered, and went out to lunch.

Clouds were moving in, but I thought the forecast was for storms later in the day. I had locked my bike outside, anticipating another ride Tuesday.

Well, you know what happened. The sky opened and rain poured down. After we got home, I wiped the bike off and lubed the chain before putting it away in the garage.

Heading up C Avenue Tuesday afternoon--interesting sky.

I had planned to pedal to campus in the afternoon to help week a veggie garden, but took an afternoon siesta that turned out a bit longer than I expected—I fell asleep about 1 and didn’t wake up until 3:30.

And went out in the back yard and installed the anchors to make the new swing set officially done.

It was almost 5, but I still wanted another ride, so off I went. The sky looked a bit iffy—patches of blue, patches of white, patches of grey, some rather bubbly looking clouds soaring overhead like giant heads of cauliflower. You don’t necessarily want an “interesting” sky for a bicycle ride.

Anyway, I decided to stick not too far from home. I rode up the Brentwood Drive hill, and then headed up to the Lindale Trail. I was hankering for more miles and no rain had fallen, so I thought I might head over to the Cedar River trail via Noelridge Park.

On the way, as I was crossing the Rockwell-Collins parking lot to the F Avenue-Collins Road intersection, a cloud opened up and rain came pelting down. Rain, when the drops are big, stings. I was a hot, humid afternoon, but rain is also cold.

It was, briefly, rather uncomfortable. But the rain was a brief event, and, thankfully, there was no hail nor lightning.

Getting ready to cross Collins Road at F Avenue. Rain is ending, it was quick and intense, but I'm glad it was over soon.

As I crossed Noelridge Park, baseball teams were practicing at ball diamonds and soccer teams were kicking balls around. I wasn’t the only one braving the chance of rain.

I did, however, turn back at Noelridge Park. I thought discretion was the better part of valor, and, anyway, it was getting later in the afternoon and I didn’t mind the idea of going home for supper.

About 20 miles for Tuesday. Not as many as I would have gotten if I woke up earlier and helped weed the garden, but not a bad number for a stormy day.

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