Saturday, June 4, 2016

In Which I Resist the Lure of a Bridge

Two views of new bridge on Boyson Trail June 4. I did not cross it yet, because I don't think the trail near the bridge is meant to be ridden on, yet.

I was taking a slightly indirect route to and from the gym this morning—rode about 6 miles in total, and climbed the Brentwood Drive hill three times—the east route, the west route and the Windsor route.

Anyway, on the way home from the gym, I decided to check on the bridge project that has closed part of the Boyson Trail.

As you can see, the sign says it’s still closed, but the trail appears to lead to the bridge. A pedestrian headed towards me, however, said the trail by the bridge was very soft, and someone had tossed some caution cones in the creek.

Well, that doesn’t seem very nice, especially when this project benefits trail users. I decided patience was called for, and rather than leave ruts from my road bike in the soft, unfinished trail surface, I used the detour.

Still, the new bridge looks very nice! I’m sure I’ll cross it soon. After the signs are down, however, and I would urge other bikers to resist the lure of a bridge, too.

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