Tuesday, June 28, 2016

In Which the Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Panting

About 7:45 p.m. Tuesday--late ride on Boyson Trail. I thought the light in the trees was pretty.

Puff-puff-puff—the loud sound of me, going uphill.

The rides so far this week have not been long. I rode to campus Monday and did a quick 12-mile ride late Tuesday after spending the day in Ames.

So, I emphasized hills. In the short Tuesday ride, I climbed the Bowman Woods Hill 5 times. I did the same number of climbs of the MMU hill late Monday morning when I arrived on campus—and had done earlier climbs in Bowman Woods.

I have to say, it was too bad I had the meeting in Ames today. Not that it was a bad meeting, but I noticed on Facebook that my sister had ridden more than 40 miles, and today seemed the day for it. At least I did get some hill practice in.

And as you can see, during this one gorgeous week during what promises to be a very hot summer, Iowa was indeed a pretty place to be.

During my ride home Monday, I passed a cluster of Milkweed plants behind the shopping complex at C Avenue and Boyson Road. Butterfly visits Milkweed.

Late Monday morning--I think I arrived on campus about 11 a.m. Two views of many flowering plants added to garden by Rohde Family Plaza at Mount Mercy University.

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