Monday, April 29, 2013

In Which The Trail Snakes Through Utility Construction

Where the trail ends on its way north.

Heading back south. Nobody walks their bikes, silly sign.

In the construction zone.

I headed north after work today, going along the Cedar River Trail. Whenever possible, I’m going to use the trail ride home to add some miles to my daily commute.

I didn’t go very far north. At Robins Road, the trail is closed due to the installation of new utility poles along the trail. And getting that far was a slightly dicey, as I had to snake through a utility construction zone in Hiawatha.

But, it was a fine day to be on the trail. There were plenty of trail users, but no close calls, which is good. And I did manage to ride for a bit more than an hour, which might mean I did close to 15 miles today—about a fourth of one RAGBRAI day.

Let the training continue.

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