Tuesday, May 7, 2013

In Which The World Is Suddenly Green, Sniff

My bike on the left. Another bike on the right. As the weather warms, maybe there will be more.

Looking north from the bike rack. Beautiful day for a ride. I note that the usually brown hillside I see to the north is now starting to turn green. It won't be many more warm days before the trees leaf out. I'll miss being able to easily see the birds, but I'll still enjoy the bike trails even more when the world turns green.

CR Biker has a cold that came on suddenly after a party Monday, and so I am awake at 3:30 a.m., which is a bit odd. Your correspondent has done a little school work, but feels like being less productive.

Anyway, spring fever is ready to hit. The days are suddenly warm, and the somnolent trees are slowly coming to life. Look at the ash branch that frames my view of the hill beside Warde Hall, when looking north from the bike rack—not only are there a few baby green leaves on that tree, but the wooded hillside in the distance is no longer it’s uniform winter brown—it’s starting to green up, and in a week or so, Iowa will be a very green and shady place.

Well, good. Despite the cold (in my head, the weather is warm), I enjoyed the biking Monday. There was a lady’s bike in the rack in back, so my bike didn’t have its usual lonely day. I took the trail route home, which adds maybe a mile or so to my commute, and saw my sister passing by. She noted on Facebook that she had done just a bit more than 17 miles Monday.

I’m sure I didn’t bike that far, but I’ll claim 10 for the day. I think it’s the start of a very nice biking week. Even being awake at 3 a.m. won’t spoil it—and biking on little sleep is, I suppose, good training for RAGBRAI.

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