Saturday, April 27, 2013

In Which I'm Starting Some RAGBRAI training rides

Top: Re-painted wall at Cedar Rapids Art Museum, which I rode by twice this week. Bottom: newly renovated TV newsroom at Kirkwood Community College.

I won’t have a lot of time until the semester ends, but with an overseas trip planned this summer, I won’t have a lot of time then, either. So, I started this week to carve out a few longer-than-usual afternoon rides.

Wednesday, I simply went south for about 5 miles before turning back north and going home. I went along the Cedar River Trail, through downtown Cedar Rapids and to the Mount Trashmore area. I turned around as I didn’t have time to go further, but at least I’m sure I topped 15 miles that day.

Friday, Kirkwood Community College had an open house for its renovated media rooms. I think I topped 20 that day, since I made the trip to KCC via the Cedar River Trail. My sister has made some references to the “Bowling Street Trail” as a route to Kirkwood, but I don’t know where that is, so I used my old route to the east entrance on C Street.

Anyway, my legs were pretty sore both days, but especially Friday. However, when I woke up Saturday, I was mostly good again. I didn’t do much riding Saturday, but will take a longer ride Sunday to continue to pile on the miles.

Happy RAGBRAI training to all of you! And it’s almost May 1—time to start packing on the miles. Trust me, when RAGBRAI comes, you won’t regret any miles you ride now.

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