Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In Which We Stand Around In the Rain

About 10:10 a.m. today, parking lot near Warde Hall becomes a colorful tapestry of umbrellas. It was windy, too--would have been a good day for Mary Poppins.
Fly on crocus on a warm Sunday. It was not quite that warm
Monday or Tuesday, but good enough to ride.
They had a mandatory evacuation drill today, with the temperature in the 40s and rain pouring down.

I brought my jacket and umbrella, as did many others. During the drill this morning, the parking lot became a sea of colorful mushroom shapes, sort of like a RAGBRAI campground, but sweeter smelling, I’m sure, and these were hand-held rain protection, not canvas housing.

The evacuation didn’t last long, thank goodness.

But it was not a day for biking. Nor does it seem it will be tomorrow. I did ride Monday and Tuesday—and the weather had been much nicer earlier in the week.

I’m not sure the delicate flowers shown above will survive the downpour. And my RAGBRAI training today was riding indoor in the gym.

I’ll be glad when the rain eases enough for me to get some bike miles in.

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