Thursday, April 4, 2013

In Which The Jacket Is In The Bag, Baby!

Ready for the ride home, bike vest on, but no jacket--a light sweater is all you need on a fine spring day.

I took the slightly longer trail route home this afternoon, to celebrate.

Today was the first day where the afternoon ride was so warm that I didn’t wear my biking jacket. A light argyle sweater was enough to keep the chill off. And it was time for biking gloves.

The morning was still frosty—still jacket weather, but you could tell that the day was different. Recent mornings have been in the 20s, while 30 degrees this morning felt warm.

It was pretty and sunny, however. By afternoon clouds had rolled in, but it was argyle sweater warm.

Hooray for warm spring bike rides!

Pretty early iris in bloom at Mount Mercy University today. Soon, I think, it will be green!

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