Saturday, April 13, 2013

In Which a Cold Wind Blows on a Spring Day

Snow in a parking lot--not all is melted yet, but spring is still coming on.

So, this week wasn’t stellar in the biking department. I rode Monday, and then again on Friday—cold rains in the in between days kept me off my bike.

The Friday ride was definitely the colder one. The temperature was around 40, and there was a damp chill in the air following the rainy week. A brisk wind from the northwest was an added feature of the day.

I noticed that the snow hills of the Rockwell-Collins parking lot, while they’ve shrunk to sad, short reminders of their former selves, had not completely melted by Friday. I wonder if they will be gone before next week’s rides, assuming the monsoon season allows for some rides next week?

Still, even if it was a chilly day Friday for a bike ride—especially on the ride home which felt even colder than the morning ride because I was faced into the wind—the day was definitely a spring day. Grass is green, birds are singing in the morning, maples are in bloom and a few buds on other bushes and trees are swelling. I noticed the first daffodils in bloom Friday—not in my yard, but still, in some sunny spots, the pretty yellow flowers of spring are already out. So the Friday chill, and the remaining snow hills, does not bother me all that much.

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