Monday, April 8, 2013

In Which I Enjoy A Wormy Taste Of Summer

The morning ride--dodging worms brought forth by warm spring rain.
Things changed by afternoon. Crocus blooming in grotto at MMU.

How warm was it today? It started with rain, and it was rather damp on my ride in. The rain had largely ended, but the pavement was quite wet and strewn with worms.

Daffodils dangerously (for them) close to my bike.
It had not gotten much below 40 in the night, and felt warm. I rode with my sweater on—another sign of spring. No coat. I’m sure I was a bit damp in the nether regions by the time I got to campus, but my back rack and front fender for the most part diverted the water.

And yes, I did lube my chain before starting out.

This afternoon turned glorious and warm. It was a tragic day to be gainfully employed, and I wasted some time after an early faculty meeting taking some spring photos in my small region of campus. The grass is suddenly green, the fish in the pond were swimming un-coyly around, there were plenty of bugs—a damp, lively, springy kind of afternoon which makes you think that the trees won’t be wasting too much more sunlight before they bud out.

I’m not sure how much riding I will get in this week—too much rain in the forecast, and a chance of snow Thursday. But I’m sure the ride home tonight, in which I won’t even need the sweater, will be a foretaste of good weather to come.
Early iris between Warde Hall and Basile Hall on MMU campus.

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