Friday, March 29, 2013

In Which The Good Friday Weather Is Fine

We are stopped on the little bridge by the restroom building at the Boyson Road trail access. We're on the way home. Although she's a bit cool, I think Lizzie still looks like she's enjoying the ride.

I took two pleasant rides today, which seemed like a good way to celebrate the first truly warm day of the year.

I had received a marketing call from the YMCA Thursday night, asking if I would like a two-week free membership in exchange for a tour. Why, sure. Frankly, I might have neglected to go, but an hour before the appointed time the YMCA telemarketers were calling to remind me. That made me slightly paranoid, so I went early this morning, a half hour cycle there (to the Marion YMCA) and back again.

Later, Lizzie awoke from her nap before Juliet, and I decided to see if she wanted a ride. Indeed, she did, so I put her in a borrowed helmet, strapped here in and away we went.

It was a gorgeous day for a ride. We headed west and then went north on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail, not venturing far since the trail is closed just a bit over a mile north of Hiawatha. On the way back south, I asked Lizzie if she wanted to continue south, but she was getting cool and wanted to go home.

We had some nice chats along the way. She told me repeatedly that daddy has a different bike, and she rides behind it. She also narrated the ride, pointing out birds and bridges, for instance. I can’t say that I didn’t do this too.

She’s a bit tall for this toddler seat—like her cousin Tristan, she basically is just barely able to fit. She’s a bit smaller in the torso than he is, though, so although she had to fold up her knees, she fit fairly well.

Juliet has yet to have her first ride. That’s probably coming up. But Lizzy and I enjoyed our Good Friday ride together.

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