Friday, July 1, 2011

The Question of Shoes

No ride today—we were busy doing other things and it was darn hot, anyway.

So, today’s bike blog post is about shoes.

Shown are most of the shoes I own—excepting bedroom slippers and one very grungy pair of gardening sneakers. The question is, which are the RAGBRAI shoes?

The flip-flops are the only ones that I haven’t biked in. Yes, I have commuted to work wearing the sandals. But, no, not RAGBRAI were. The flip-flops will likely get to commute in luggage—I figure a pair of shower sandals would be a good idea, given the number of fungus-infected feet that might be sharing showers on a 16,000-person bike ride.

The dress shoes are out.

So the real choice is between the white sneakers and the brown sneakers. I usually wear the brown ones to work—they are my most comfortable shoes. They seem like a logical choice.

I tend to wear the white shoes for longer walks. They are stiffer shoes, and provide a bit more support. They don’t bend as the brown ones do. That might make them better for a long bike ride.

But the brown ones are best for just hanging around or short walks between beer gardens.

So the real choice is between brown and white. Any suggestions?

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