Sunday, July 10, 2011

Over 1,200 Miles and One Glove Later …

Today was, some ways, a good ride, and not great in other ways.

In the “not great” category, I lost a glove at the Hiawatha Cedar River Trail bike rack near the restrooms. Don’t know how—stopped for a snack after riding 30 miles, and when I put everything back on, I was down a glove.

Also not so great—I had ambitious plans to ride 60 miles—I was going to go 15 miles north (done) and then another 15 south. But the sky clouded up, I heard rumbles of thunder, and I headed home. The day became briefly slightly sunny again, so I did the Boyson Trail near home (and the Brentwood Hill) so I topped 40 miles for my ride—and exceeded the week’s training goal, but, still, 40 is not 60 miles.

Still, I’m glad I went on a longish ride even if not as long as intended. And today I topped 1,200 training miles in total.

The trail was blocked by a fallen willow, a very large old tree, near Center Point, so Blackie rode me for a while as I scrambled over the trail. For some reasons, dragonflies were congregated near the fallen tree, looking a little upset.

I’ve never been bothered by dragonflies. Although predators, they do no harm to humans, so there’s not reason I should be bothered by them, but you think they would look scarier to people. Somehow, they don’t.

Of course, I saw one being fed once to baby birds at the Center Point train depot—and as you can see, mama and papa must have been catching quite a few dragonflies. The birds are ready to get their learner’s permits, hand out in moody groups, start dating and leave their socks all over the floors.

I also didn’t bring Flat Catherine. Not snubbing her, just felt I wasn’t really going anywhere new. As it turns out, I also wasn’t going to as many old places as I thought.

I wore biking shorts for the first time today. Odd feeling, and my butt still got sore—but not as sore as it would have without the shorts, so they are good RAGBRAI investment. Still need to get a new mirror, a spare inner tube and various other supplies.

RAGBRAI is getting close!

UPDATE: The night after I wrote this, Audrey and I were going to head out for a walk, and I suggested we walk on the Cedar River Trail in case we could find the glove. We stopped in Hiawatha, and I looked around where I knew I had lost the glove. Audrey took off, to where I didnt' know--but it turns out she was checking the trail map kiosk, figuring that if someone found the glove that is where they would put it. Turns out to be good thinking--I'm again a two-gloved rider! And I walked with Audrey over to Dairy Queen were I rewarded her by letting her buy both of us Blizzards.

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